Minqing Audience Played Angklung To The Tunes Of ‘Ayo Mama’ Song

[Beijing, Sunday, 22/04/12] – Saturday, 21 April 2012, is a historic day for the people of Minqing, Fujian Province, China. For the first time, 500 Minqing people played Angklung (a traditional bamboo instrument) to the tunes of ‘Ayo Mama’ song. That night, more than 1000 people packed the Minqing Convention Center to watch ‘Indonesian Night 2012’,

a collaborative performance from Indonesia and China. The event is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in cooperation with Indonesia – China Association (INTI) and the Indonesian Representatives in China, as a concerted effort to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and promote Indonesia, so that more Chinese tourists will come to Indonesia, to meet the target of 1 million tourists by 2013

In the opening ceremony of ‘Indonesian Night 2012’, the Indonesian Ambassador for China, Imron Cotan, said that Indonesian and Chinese people are not only neighbours but also brothers and sisters. The bilateral relationship between Indonesia and China is now at its peak, with total trade volume of both countries reaching up to US$ 60.58 billion in 2011 and total Chinese investment in Indonesia of US$ 1.2 billion. In order to maximize the trade volume, and harness business and economic potentials between the two countries, the Indonesian Government will conduct regular trade, tourism and investment promotion forums throughout China. In addition, Ambassador Imron Cotan also invites the Chinese Government, especially Minqing County and its people, to conduct similar activities in Indonesia. Last but not least, Ambassador Cotan express his sincere thanks to the Government of Minqing County for the warm reception and support for the successful conduct of the event.

During the event, the audience applauded the Balinese Merak Dance, Acehnese Saman Dance and a new creation dance called ‘Batik ku’, which was performed by Ikreasindo Dance Company. The spectators was also stunned by the performance of the Batak Trio, singing ‘Sing Sing So’, ‘Butet’, ‘Alusi Au’ and a Chinese song called ‘Tian Mi Mi’ (lovely sweetheart). The Batak Trio invited Ambassador Imron Cotan to the stage and sang one of his favourite songs, ‘Alusi Au’. The audience then enjoyed the performance of Peasant Dance, traditional Chinese musical instrument and Children Dance, by artists from a Fujian dance troupe. The ‘Indonesian Night 2012’ ended with an interactive Angklung performance, which attracted the attention and enthusiasm of the audience, especially the youngsters.

The visit to Minqing is the first time for both the Indonesian troupe as well as for the Indonesian Ambassador to China. In addition to opening the ‘Indonesian Night 2012’, Ambassador Imron Cotan also visited the Minqing Middle School, a donation from Mr. Burhan Uray, an Indonesian businessman who was born in Minqing. Ambassador Cotan also met with the Minqing County Communist Party Secretary Ms. Chen Tie Han, Minqing County Mayor Mr. Xiao Hua, officials and businessmen of Minqing.

The ‘Indonesian Night 2012’ road show will continue in the City of Zhuhai on the 23rd April 2012. Zhuhai is a special economic zone, located in Guangdong Province bordering Macau.

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